Universal Cloud Flag

There should be a flag that represents every human being in this world, a universal flag, regardless of nationality, status, race or gender.

This new universal flag is in constant movement, whilst its edges dreamily waving within the shifting horizons. We are reminded of our own nature ranging from freedom to determinism, but finally we are able to grow beyond what we commonly aim for. Hence a dialogue is established, between determined nature and the freedom that is emitted to enhance.

The spanish artist Darya von Berner has created Universal Cloud Flag, which was shown at the Peace Palace in The Hague (Netherlands).

The flag consists of a real cloud, which is released from the top of a flagpole. The cloud is created with the help of a new nebulization technology, which employs high pressure to pulverize water into micro-particles, that can float in the air. At the top of the flagpole light is emitted, to enhance the visibility of the water particles.

Darya von Berner © 2012
Peace Palace
The Hague, Netherlands

Curator: Tom van Vliet

Prototype :Fog-Systems GmbH

Special collaboration: Salvador Pérez Arroyo

Teknica Lighting Consulting
Ó producciones: Julia Gómez Candela, Ricardo Ortega, Lilli Hartmann, Valeria Scaloni

Gratefulness: Wolfgang Welsch, Ian Robertson

With support of the spanish Ministry of Culture

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